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Become A Part of our Growing Supplier Network

Our experience is that a mutually beneficial relationship is most likely if a supplier meets the minimum requirements below:

Minimum Business Model Requirements

  • Direct and Channel sales teams are separate or fully supported and compensated for teaming.
  • Rules of engagement between internal sales teams and/or external partners are published.
  • Evergreen commissions are fundamental to your channel business.
  • Residual commissions compensation model is in practice.
  • Compensation model provides for pricing parity between a 2-tier channel and direct sales.
  • A partner program is in place or is being cultivated.
  • Commitment and capability to achieve $100k in billing during the first 12 months

Minimum Operational Capabilities

  • End user billing and collections process in place
  • Proficient in monthly commissions payment processing
  • Utilization of an opportunity introduction or deal registration process for a multi-tier environment
  • Systematic setup to identify four tiers of partnership
         *Technology Solutions Broker
         *Sub-agent partner
         *End Customer
         *End Customer with multi-location by address
  • Ability to produce pipeline reporting
  • Ability to produce closed/won reporting

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If your company meets these minimum requirements and you want the Telarus Supplier Vetting Committee to consider your company in our supplier portfolio, please complete this new supplier questionnaire.

Once the questionnaire is completed and submitted, you will receive an email containing a credit card payment link to process our $500 review fee. This review fee is non-refundable. However, we will apply the fee towards the annual marketing funds for suppliers signed and onboarded at Telarus.

If your company does not meet these minimum requirements and you would like to learn more about making your company channel ready, please see our list of select industry consultants who will gladly assist you. (Agency Channel Business Advisement)